When photographing Donald Trump, camera people are always relegated to a small space sometimes known as Press World. When Obama was president photographers had a lot more of an ability to roam depending upon the scenario. They always made sure with Donald Trump to put photographers up on risers so they can get decent photos and video.

As Trump exited AF1 by himself, as though for effect, as though he were on his old TV show, it liked.  He was drawfed by the size of the 747, and there was little light on him. There was no fanfare. He walked towards the motorcade limo and suddenly moved to the right to shake hands with the anxious 30 fans who were bused  for the occasion.

The vast majority of the people were shooting video, and everyone stumbled over each other to get the shot because we were relegated to this little riser. I managed to hang over the railing to pick up this photograph of Trump signing something.

In terms of equipment I used a Canon 100-400mm lens adapted to a Sony A7R3 body purchased form my good friends at Helix Camera in Itasca, Illinois. It was quite heavy to use, more suited to the tripod. My ISO was pushing 20,000 and yet I get really great photographs in terms of clarity and electronic noise, which was almost non-existant.