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Larry Zamba

Larry Zamba is an photographer, film director, writer and actor, best known for his sharply stylized photography and videos which is described as “surreal” and “vividly colored.”  He is also known for creating effective messages that have been used in political campaigns as well in commercial work.

What’s your differentiating proposition from all other photographers out there?

I don’t follow fads because I don’t want to be lost in the crowd. You’ll see it in particular in my hyper-realistic photos and in the over the top look of some of my videos. Yet I manage to create brilliant messages while throwing away caution.  I don’t always get my way, but there’s a reason people come to me. I can guide them down different path to achieve brilliance. Yet I’m very easy going to work with.

I also have a long art of history to draw upon, from current times all the way back to the dawn of time when I was born, which is in 1957. I’ve seen the Communications Revolution, the Sexual Revolution, The Civil Rights Revolution, the Space Race and men landing on moon, and the whole counter culture unfold in front of me and which I participated in some of these were major things that you can’t get the benefit if you didn’t live it.

And yet for some reason, I am aging extremely slowly. These are recent pictures of me – I attribute it to diet, no vices, exercise and a cheerful attitude.

Why should I care?

Because the sophistication of everything I’ve learned will show up in your final product. Ultimately, I determined that my, or our reason for our existence is to be happy and help other people be happy. I will carry that principle into every project I undertake. That translates into excellence. Every decision I make runs through that filter of excellence so you’ll  get a superior product.

What’s your background like?

I obtained a Bachelor Arts in Broadcast Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1979 as well as heavily studying art and psychology.

My professional beginnings as photographer date back to 1987.  And at the same time I was also heavily involved in the entertainment industry for years, starting with singing telegrams right out of college, hitting a national tidal wave of that craze, which eventually evolved into a massive entertainment go to agency which gave me an appreciation of working with very large crowds to deliver comedy routines as well as the costuming involved. My company, Wam Bam which started in 1980, became one of the largest entertainment companies in the state, procuring all manner of the unusual for different events. I worked with theatre types and corporate events for decades.This all became a great proving with learning to captivate an audience which in turn translated into photography and video.