Zamba Creative Media creates visual content for corporate, commercial, creative and entertainment clients,and companies big and small. We can script, shoot and edit your video project.  We can create handle every aspect of your video production.

At Zamba Creative Media we have the capability and expertise to create a video that will enhance your marketing efforts.

We develop, produce, and shoot branded content, corporate videos, digital content, short films, web videos, music video clips: from concept development to casting, location scout, storyboards, gear rental, logistics, and post-production including motion graphics, animation, CGI, and VFX.

We are located in Kenosha, WI, between Chicago and Milwaukee serving the midwest and beyond.

A good video takes your brand, enhances your brand, and enhances your distinctive cultures. We are passionate about making video content that makes you stand out from the crowd.  Please give us a call at 262-843-2888 and let’s talk!

People won’t change buying preferences or thought processes unless they’re provoked. That’s our job – to create images that pull the emotional triggers of persuasion using the best talent and technology available. Great advertising photography or videos is that it provokes a strong and immediate emotional reaction. It incites conversation and forces competitors to realign around a brand. It’s a shortcut, creating an involuntary moment of persuasion that provides for a competitive advantage.

Web Development

We create websites that empower organizations.

Zamba Creative Media can create an experience that engages your audience while reinforcing your brand’s messaging. The look and feel of your website can convert prospects into customers.

An underperforming website can leave your company behind. It’s wasteful. It misses sales opportunities through ineffective marketing campaigns.

Your website should be helping your organization build momentum, making your efforts easier, and creating new opportunities. The moral is to have a clear, concise message backed up by terrific text, photographs, and videos.

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